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It was an American Revolution, the likes of which had not been seen in almost 200 years! Carroll Shelby – the man, the larger-than-life Texan, and the battle-tested racing veteran – fired a shot across the bow of every sports car manufacturer in the world and, in doing so, set the car world on fire with the Cobra. This Cobra, the very same car RM Sotheby’s is honored to present at Monterey in a few short weeks, is the cornerstone on which Shelby changed the course of automotive history. It is the actual pen with which he signed his declaration of war and the idea upon which he built his company and revolutionized American racing—and the greater auto industry as a whole. It is, without exception, the single most important and history-rewriting sports car ever offered at auction, after over 50 years of ownership and without ever leaving the care of its founding father. Supremely original and with extraordinary history, RM Sotheby’s celebrates this national treasure at its Monterey auction in August.

1962 Shelby 260 Cobra "CSX 2000"

From the beginning, CSX 2000 was used for the development and promotion of the new platform. As it was passed from magazine to magazine for reviews, it underwent a host of color changes. The goal was to convince the public that Shelby had more than one car, but for much of 1962, CSX 2000 was the only Cobra. In the decades that followed, as the car’s popularity grew, it remained with Carroll Shelby as his personal Cobra. It was a car he loved, a car he drove, and a car that began the long legacy he would leave on the automotive world. Without CSX 2000, there would be no Cobras, no Shelby Mustangs, and no GT40s or GTs.

1965 Shelby 427 Cobra "CSX 3178"

The story doesn’t end with CSX 2000, though. Shelby went on build a select few more Cobras, including the more powerful, more advanced 427 version. We are excited to offer Carroll Shelby’s personal 427 Cobra chassis number CSX 3178, which will also be in Monterey. The Cobra is unique for its single-ownership history by Mr. Shelby himself, as well as its extremely rare automatic transmission. Join us in Monterey on August 19th and 20th to watch these two incredible pieces of history cross the auction stage as they are offered for the first time ever.


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